28 October 2019
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

The field of wind engineering has greatly progressed over the past 50 years, and advances over the next 50 are expected to bring increased precision in modeling and testing, enabling greater savings of materials and construction costs. New challenges arise with the increasing quantity of supertall and megatall buildings, as performance against lateral loads must improve, while deploying lighter materials and slimmer profiles at staggering new heights. This workshop reviewed advances made over the last half-century in wind engineering, while exploring new techniques and technologies at the forefront of increasing occupant comfort, neutralizing stack effect, and promoting resilience against volatile storm systems.

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Session Chair: Roy Denoon
Vice President, CPP Wind Engineering Consultants, Denver
Roy Denoon
Vice President, CPP Wind Engineering Consultants, Denver
Steve Zuo
Principal Consultant, ADG Engineering, Newark
Svend Ole Hansen
Founder & Owner, SOH Wind Engineering LLC
Niall O'Sullivan
Technical Director | UK, EU and USA, Windtech Consultants, London
John Kilpatrick
Practice Area Leader, Wind Loading, RWDI, Ontario
Seymour Spence
Assistant Professor; Assistant Professor, Univeristy of Michigan, Detroit