An exciting new aspect of this year’s Conference, three symposiums will take place in the main ballrooms on Level 2 of the conference venue, each focusing closely on a hot topic in the tall building industry. These tracks will occur over the two core Dubai conference days, running parallel to Program Room sessions, and be focused on a series of presentations, panel discussions, seminars, and technical demonstrations that provide a deep exploration of the topic. Each symposium is supported by a single sponsor, working in collaboration with CTBUH to host and deliver these standalone branches of the Conference.

New transportation technologies, and relatively new structural engineering practices, put significant horizontal urban habitat in the sky within reach. But cultural, organizational, and jurisdictional obstacles remain. At the Skybridges Symposium, witness the technologies, case studies, and prospective applications of skybridges in tall buildings and cities of the future.

The public imagination has long theorized on how integrated technologies can make our lives easier, but the coming wave of innovation takes this line of thinking to the next level. At the Smart Tall Buildings Symposium, discover the technologies and digital infrastructure posed to change how tall buildings engage with, learn from, and respond to human activity.

The evolution of tall building façades is occurring at a rapid pace – more than any other period in history – resulting in a constant stream of new technologies, systems, and approaches. These innovations, while varied and diverse, speak to the importance of façades not only for the advancement of the tall building typology, but the betterment of human habitation in all forms.