In the reflective spirit of the CTBUH 10th World Congress, 50 Forward | 50 Back: The Recent History and Essential Future of Sustainable Cities, and the 50th anniversary of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), this year presents a pertinent opportunity for both the celebration of the past and anticipation for the future. The Council is thus seeking your ideas on the seminal buildings and urban interventions from the past 50 years that influenced the way we inhabit cities today, and your predictions for the innovations that will significantly impact urban development over the next 50 years. Together, this patchwork of nominations will tell a compelling story of the challenges we have overcome to accommodate the world’s 7.7+ billion people to date, and outline solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. These nominations will be confirmed by an independent panel of building industry representatives and appear within numerous digital and physical outputs in relation to the 10th World Congress, with recognition given to submitting parties. Submitting parties are welcome to nominate more than one project in a category, across all categories, and are not required to be related to the project in a professional capacity.

Nominations are due by April 30. Nominations are being accepted in the following categories:

50 BACK: Influential Buildings

Which tall buildings completed in the last 50 years have profoundly enhanced
the cities in which they are located and/or have greatly influenced the practice of designing tall buildings? Nominate a “50 BACK: Influential Building” and tell us why you think this building should be recognized, summarizing the contributions the building has made to society or the industry at large.

50 BACK: Urban Interventions

What urban interventions from the past 50 years (e.g., planning schemes, public
spaces, mega-developments, transportation hubs/systems, etc.) have contributed to the wider urban habitat and/or have greatly influenced the way we build cities? Nominate a “50 BACK: Urban Intervention” and explain how it improved the quality of the surrounding urban realm, summarizing its overall contributions to the health and prosperity of city dwellers.

50 FORWARD: Innovations

What are the innovations – the technologies, processes, digital tools, and
advancements – that will change the way we occupy and build cities 50 years into the future? Nominate a “50 FORWARD: Innovation” and tell us how that innovation will affect the functioning, design, construction, and operation of both buildings and cities of the future.

50 FORWARD: Urban Interventions

Which urban interventions – either in conceptual or planned stages – will
contribute to the wider urban habitat and influence the way we build cities 50 years from now? Nominate a “50 FORWARD: Urban Intervention” and explain how it will improve the quality of future urban realms and elevate the health and welfare of city dwellers moving forward.