Stephan Reinke
Stephan Reinke Architects Limited, London

As the workplace evolves in our vertical cities, the need for “think spaces” and public realm to meet, create and innovate will become integral to tall buildings. These people places are designed to address the social challenges and enhance the co-working environments which are emerging in the dense urban context of our future cities. The design of sky terraces and the “spaces between” offer a greener, more humane and smarter work environment for the future. The public realm should no longer be held down, fixed to the ground plane, but rather become part and parcel of the upper levels of our workplace centers.

These collective spaces in our workplace centers must provide a three dimensional matrix of connected and identifiable platforms to leverage the open and progressive future way of working. This will enable social networking and idea sharing, and create multi-dimensional, multi-level business incubators for innovation and creativity. The British Council of Offices (BCO) has performed a landmark Wellness Matters Report which provides an exemplary roadmap for the future of the workplace.

In addition to demonstrating examples of existing built work and the concept of the integrated vertical public realm, wellness in the workplace is also explored as a critical factor in design strategies and future workplace environments, particularly concerning the incorporation of hanging gardens, roof terraces and the vertical plazas in order to promote wellness and collaboration.