Shaun Klann
Willow, New York City

Over the past five years, innovations in multiple areas of the building process have evolved from the earliest implementation of building information modelling to the current use of intelligent digital twins.

The partnership between Willow and Investa has spanned multiple projects, including 567 Collins Street Melbourne (completed), Barrack Place (151 Clarence Street, recently completed), and 60 Martin Place Sydney (under construction). By implementing the Willow platform, property owners like Investa can gather data from across a built asset (including design information, asset data, manuals, warranty info, and live BMS data) to create an intelligent digital twin—an exact living replica of the built form. This platform is enabling businesses from across the building and infrastructure world to transform their assets and improve the construction, operation, and experience of the built world.

This session focuses on practical steps taken to effectively hand over digital information for a premium grade commercial building, Barrack Place, in Sydney’s CBD. The case study explores the challenges faced by the owner and contractor group at this critical stage in the building’s life and how the solution enabled the team to collect, validate, structure, and tag all key building data. Through this specific platform, the owner has a single point of truth for asset data (warranties, geometry, operations and maintenance information). This dynamic, live asset register contains all pieces of equipment accessible at any time on day one of an operationally ready building.