Bob Zhang
Sales Director
Tianjin North Glass Industrial Technical Co., Ltd, Edmonton

The new generation of Greenhouse products is intended to create a solution for light intensity control, energy saving, ventilation and more. The goal is to create a comfortable areas for breakfast, afternoon tea and any other relaxation time. One of the advantages of Greenhouse is super energy saving with a light weight design. Suitable visible light transmittance make sure people don't need sunglasses when inside at sunny noon; low SHGC value helps to avoid burning sensation; natural color reduction through the original color of the scene; air circulation system to provide the feeling of being outside; and temperature control for the best comfortable air.

Combined with US and European technology, the U value is less than one third of window system, but the glass weight is similar to the regular window/curtain wall glass. The light weight pre-assembled units also make installation simple. The Greenhouse is designed for multiple size and location, set up either in the backyard of residential sites, or placed on the terrace of a commercial building. Sizes range for either private rest area, public meeting place or company lunch room. In general, the intention to design the Greenhouse is to combine different technologies of glass products to create comfortable living areas that make people feel they are in nature.