Terry Olynyk
President and Managing Director
Multiplex, Ontario

Traditional thinking and the mindset of "that’s how it’s always been done" is no longer enough, and it is not the way that the construction leaders of tomorrow will expect us to perform. The time for digital disruption is now, and in practical ways construction can—and is already starting to—realize the benefits of technology and its power to enhance business and customer outcomes. We must dive deeper into the realities of replacing old-style methods with digital ones, including dimensions in design—2D to 7D—digital tools such as BIM, centralized cloud-based programs and processes, and touch-walls. Some businesses are already embracing it.

Looking through the same evolutionary lens at the workforce, the real benefits are derived from diversity in people and skill sets. The biggest opportunity, at the fingertips of our construction generation, is the next one—a generation of tech-savvy, innovative young talent. Technology is moving at a rate faster than our industry can keep up with, and with so many options out there organizations must have a strategy in place for harnessing and capitalizing on it. The next generation, millennials, are key to that strategy. Looking at where we are, and where we need to go, highlights why millennials are shaking their heads at us. But it should also encourage today’s industry leaders to embrace change now, in order to remain prolific, profitable and pertinent in the future.