Gavin Phillips
Head of Flexible Space and Urban Communities, Asia Pacific
JLL, Melbourne

The nature of work, what work comprises, when work is undertaken and where it is performed has changed dramatically over the past decade. Work is being reimagined. The future of work is under unprecedented focus with technology driving rapid evolution and constant change. Every aspect of the traditional workplace is being disrupted, challenging the role and nature of commercial real estate and presenting occupiers with tremendous accommodation choice, opportunities, and challenges in equal measure.

The new mantra for the workplace is flexibility—the path for value creation for business and for the individual. No longer is it acceptable to just provide people with the rudimentary tools to do their job. People now expect to work in environments that support how they wish to work, when and with whom. The workplace is increasingly expected to deliver a curated experience, seamlessly integrating and supporting the professional, personal and social components of people’s lives.

This presentation will provide insight into the evolution of the traditional workplace and the changing expectations of what it must provide at both a business and a personal level. It will explore current and emerging global trends being considered and embraced by multinational companies, the spectrum of flexible workplace options, and how space is procured, with insight into best practice technologies, services, amenities and experiences. The impact on traditional real estate and the changing expectations of the landlord and property manager will also be explored. How the future of the workplace be realized through an ecosystem of technology driven and empowered spaces which will extend, emphasize and perhaps redefine flexibility?