Shaofeng Wang

, Shanghai

The high-rise building is inevitable based on the increased development of urbanization. Data shows that the distribution of high-rise building generally has a close connection with the urbanization process of a region. In more and more developing countries, when urbanization reaches a certain stage, the high-rise building will definitely follow. With the end of growing urbanization in developed countries, the high-rise building market is transferring to developing countries, such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, North and East Africa. As the largest contractor in China, CSCEC has taken an active part in the construction of high-rise buildings in various countries and regions, with great honors.

Based around the super high-rise building, the CBD is created. This can push the upgrade of infrastructure and the development of a region. Some of the latest know-how and key technologies have been adopted by CSCEC to build a skyscraper that stands up to 1,000 meters. But how de we develop the high-rise buildings that are more reasonable? Special understanding and experience of construction are required in the particular desert environment of the MENA region. Driven by social, environmental, commercial, and operational needs, and fully considering the various issues of the building life cycle, high-rise buildings will truly play their role in driving the economy, enhancing city competitiveness, and creating better living spaces for human beings.