Tom Murcott
Executive Director and Board Member
NeWAY Capital, Washington DC

From Singapore, to Songdo, to Honduras, the developing world has looked to successful, large-scale Special Economic Zones (SEZs) as a model for development, investment and institutional transformation. By taking the best of what has worked elsewhere and learning from others how to avoid what does not, a new breed of development professionals are finding profitable avenues to invest in the developing world, where it is most needed.

Honduras Próspera is one very promising approach to SEZ development at scale. Honduras Próspera LLC has partnered with the Government of Honduras to create an engine of opportunity and hope for the country. Honduras Próspera utilizes a unique and autonomous legal framework to create the conditions necessary for improved governance and better public services in order to unleash potential, increase productivity, and drive prosperity. It will do so by creating an interconnected network of strategically located Prosperity Hubs designed to maximize their comparative advantages, attract foreign investment, foster economic vitality and create jobs for thousands of Hondurans.

With Zaha Hadid Architects providing oversight of the integrated masterplan, the Honduras Próspera team will leverage the most innovative design, development and construction methodologies to deliver a unique blend of asset classes. This phased and programmatic approach will drive market demand, anticipate future growth, and lay the foundation for generational growth and dynamism for all Hondurans as well as future development in the developing world.