New for 2015

At the 2015 New York Conference, we are introducing a new concept of “Program Rooms.” There will be 15 of these Program Rooms, located on the floor directly below the main conference level. The Program Rooms will be organized by Platinum and Silver level sponsors, who will host their own series of presentations, seminars, meetings, networking lunches and other events across the two main conference days. These rooms will also serve as exhibition suites for the sponsoring companies. The Hosts Rooms will create a unique experience alongside the Conference itself, with sponsor companies having the opportunity to invite colleagues attending the conference and also their own external invitees who are not connected with the Conference. Not only will these rooms offer simultaneous events with the conference, but will also offer further networking opportunities for Conference delegates.

For potential Platinum sponsorship of Program Rooms, see here.

Download Program Rooms Plan

Above: Delegates in the Leadenhall Project Room at the 2013 CTBUH London Conference.