29 October 2019
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

As all demographics flock to cities, it is important to consider how infrastructure designed for and around a more mature population can fit into the dense vertical urbanism model, and furthermore, meet their needs sustainably, effectively and unobtrusively. This session highlights urban development challenges and solutions through a Passive House tower on a public housing site in New York, a high-rise infill project in Ottawa, and the navigation of Chicago’s Fulton Market, into a developing environment of high-rises and residential units that also maintains the area’s historic capital.

Session Chair: William Maibusch
Project Executive, The Walsh Group, Seattle
Cynthia Roubik
Assistant Commissioner, City of Chicago, Chicago
Randolph Wang
Urban Designer, City of Ottawa, Ottawa
Daniel Kaplan
Senior Partner, FXCollaborative Architects, New York City