28 October 2019
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

When tall building sustainability initiatives only consider individual components, without maintaining focus on the bigger picture, they may miss opportunities to maximize impact. This workshop took a bird’s-eye view of effective, sustainable skyscraper construction, examining several approaches to enabling a net-positive effect of skyscrapers on their surroundings. The implications of tracing and tracking building materials through their lifecycle were explored, from construction, to repair, to responsible disposal or reintroduction into the supply chain. Topics included discussions on how tall buildings can create their own energy, purify their own water supply, and ultimately generate more than they consume; as well as the role of tall building energy use and production as part of an overall master plan.

See the Photo Gallery for highlights from Day 1 Workshops.

Session Chair: Christopher Colasanti
Associate Partner, JB&B, New York City
Katherine Bruce
Sustainability Consultant, AESG, Dubai
Ingrid Bertin
Architect, PhD Student, Setec TPI, Paris
Oliver Baumann
President, Baumann Consulting, Chicago
Christopher Colasanti
Associate Partner, JB&B, New York City
Peter Simmonds
Director, Building and Systems Analytics, LLC, Los Angeles
Sameer Kumar
Director, Enclosure Design, SHoP Architects, New York City

Session Photo Gallery