Julie Allman
Project Executive
Power Construction Company, Chicago

Julie Allman, Project Executive for Power Construction Company, will walk you through the highlights of the 625,000 square-foot (58,064-square-meter) renovation of the Wrigley Building that included updates to both the North and South towers and the connecting plaza in between. The lobbies were demolished and restored to their earlier splendor while keeping the partially occupied buildings fully accessible. The plaza was closed for a short time so that it could be completely torn apart and rebuilt and included the removal of the connecting breezeway between the buildings. Elements of the facade were refurbished by removing, cataloging, and restoring terra-cotta and brass components. Infrastructure improvements to all floors include new bathrooms and MEP upgrades and replacements. Tenant lobbies and corridors were remodeled along with elevator modernization that improved functionality within the building. The Power team also completed full abatement and replaced all the windows within the two-tower complex, all while working within an occupied facility.